Creation Bits

This blog has been superceded, and is only here for archive purposes. The latest blog posts, depending on topic, can be found at one of the blogs at the new location!

These are very uneditted and underthought ideas that I get while debating the creation/evolution debate. This is the more-often-updated but less-thought-out version of the crevo blog.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Welcome to CrevoBits

In my other blog,, I try to post fairly well-formulated thoughts about the Creation and Evolution controversy. In it, I try to make the case for Creation, while being fair to evolution. However, I often have a lot of things floating around in my head, interesting sites that I visit, and half-formed thoughts that I want to ponder some more. This blog will be the little bits and pieces of thought that don't fit on my other blog.

Anyway, you'll probably find a lot wrong with the blog -- that's its whole point. Please help me out by posting how stupid I am in the comments. However, please help me out by being specific and including links if you can. I'm also always looking out for good books to read!

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