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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Fireworks Metaphor

An excellent metaphor used in Understanding the Pattern of Life is relating organism diversification to fireworks. The baraminologists think that the majority of diversification occurred just after the flood, with the harshness of the postflood world inducing a large amount of unprecedented diversification (the mechanism thought to be genomic modularity). Since then, the environment has been relatively stable, and so diversification does not proceed as rapidly, and the mechanism doesn't work as well due to mutational loads.

Baraminologists agree w/ evolutionists that neo-darwinism accounts for some amount of change, and for perhaps much of modern change. However, what they disagree about is if neo-darwinism accounts for the majority of diversity.

They liken it to a firecracker. When a firecracker explodes, sparks are sent out everywhere. However, after the explosions, the paths of the sparks are modified by wind, producing slight variations. However, the main direction of the sparks is set by the firecracker explosion, not the wind. They equate neo-darwinism to be more of a "wind-like" factor in the diversification of animals. Sure, it accounts for some things that we are presently seeing, but in the course of history, it is not the wind that set the major directions, but instead (1) creation and (2) post-flood diversification.

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