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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life will find a way... because it's created to!

I found Pharyngula's most recent blog entry amusing, since, he starts out by saying:

These enzymes are not smart or guided in any way

and later in the essay says:

Even more impressive is a truly maximal pairing that allows all of the homologous portions to be in register, a structure called an octavalent that brings all 4 pairs of chromosomes together in a very specific tangle. This is an optimal arrangement for pairing, but is less likely to have occurred simply because getting that many chromosomes into an ideal arrangement is difficult.

Apparently they are guided. This is precisely the property of created systems. They have backup systems that try to mitigate damage. It is a "very specific" tangle. It is an "optimal arrangement". How many undesigned systems are fault tolerant through modulating themselves into "very specific" or "optimal" arrangements?

I suggest everyone read the article -- it is very fascinating. I imagine that repetitive elements are used by the chromosomes for alignment purposes. So much for "junk" DNA! This paper is going on my Inter-library loan request list!

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