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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lots of news items

Scientists (or journalists) stoop to new low in search for life on other planets

Origin-of-life articles tend to be, well, bordering on the inane and rediculous.

I came across this one today, and, well, it should really win an award:

Test Equipment Finds Life in Mars-like Conditions

Now, it could be that the actual research was much more on-the-ground than the article makes it appear, and perhaps it is the journalists trying to make headlines from little bits of research that look juicy. I've seen it happen. In this case, it could be that there was a press release about testing equipment to be used in future studies _on_ mars, but some journalist wanted to make it sound a little juicier.

But anyway, somehow, someone, somewhere thinks that by finding a place on earth with similar geology to mars, we have somehow gotten closer to the discovery of life on other planets.

It boggles the mind.

Three from Creation-Evolution Headlines

Several interesting articles today from, all of which are worth looking at:

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