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These are very uneditted and underthought ideas that I get while debating the creation/evolution debate. This is the more-often-updated but less-thought-out version of the crevo blog.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Advice for ID/Creation researchers

Found this on Telic Thoughts. Thought it might be helpful to those of you thinking about persuing ID or Creation-oriented research.

I enjoy your post, but its somewhat confusing if I click on the wrong links. In one case I go back to June 2005, in another I get to current date. You might want to join your blogs together?

All the best and Merry Christmas.
Not sure where I should post replies to your personal comments you left on my blog? Help me out next time. You have these three blogs, but only one seems up to date and "personal". Anyway, I responded to your comments. Thanks for stopping in.
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