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Friday, December 09, 2005

Interesting email about religion, science, and evolution

On an email discussion, a friend of mine made the following post:

"You only want your religion accepted."

No, as I pointed out, I'm not the one who is pushing only one religious view, you are. You are so busy with your crusade, you've become what you fear others are; and you are so proud of yourself that you can't see it.

I'm quite knowledgeable about science (well, more so than the average non-scientist), and especially evolution...What you are talking about, however, is not science itself but the common *philosophy* of science which says scientific investigations can be carried out without regard to the existence of God. This is quite correct when properly applied. No experiment or observation of natural forces does, or even could, limit or define a concept of deity.

However, when schools teach as fact that the universe began with the "Big Bang," that life formed by natural forces alone from inanimate matter, and that all living things, including humans, evolved by random mutations from that first simple form of life -- that is not the sort of science that says nothing about God. It also can't be demonstrated to be true, in contrast with all the practical, reliable aspects of science which have been both frequently demonstrated and commonly applied.

Unlike art, "science" claims to have "proved" that the entire history of the entire universe can be accounted for by nothing more than chance interactions of energy/matter. The only "god" left to believe in if all that is true is a god who apparently is incapable or unwilling to take an active role in our universe.

You can keep lying to yourself and others that you are simply defending science or even freedom of religion, but I hope someday soon you will realize that you are really helping to establish a government-sanctioned limitation of religion based on the philosophy of materialism.

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